Caregiver Support

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Caregivers are right there with your every day. Sometimes they need support, too

Getting the right support

Caring for someone with cancer is an important responsibility. Support can come in many different forms and may change over time. And at times, your loved one may have difficulty asking for help. If you’re unsure of how to make the most of your efforts, consider these ideas:


  • Provide encouragement and support
  • Help keep other family members informed about what’s going on
  • Help with household chores and cooking meals
  • Take care of medical insurance paperwork and pay bills
  • Help with organizing medicines or meeting with the health care team


Consider these additional resources to help get the conversation started: 

Getting support as a caregiver 

Being a caregiver can be tiring. It’s important to take time to take care of yourself so you can be there for your loved one. Your own needs are important, too. Consider these ideas to help you cope.


  • Take a moment to breathe deeply and pay attention to your own thoughts and feelings
  • Spend time with people who love and support you
  • Join a social activity
  • Practice relaxation methods, such as yoga or meditation
  • Eat well-balanced, healthy meals
  • Try to fit in at least 30 minutes of exercise most days of the week. Be sure to speak with your health care provider before starting any exercise
  • Set aside some time to do something you enjoy at least once a week 

More caregiver resources

These organizations offer information other caregivers have found helpful. You may also find they’re useful as you learn more about advanced renal cell cancer (advanced kidney cancer). These resources are external to Novartis. Novartis is neither affiliated with nor endorses any of these organizations and is not responsible for the information they provide. Information from these organizations is not meant to replace your health care provider’s medical advice.

Resources for your loved one

Learn about available tools and resources for people with kidney cancer.